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Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday came with a vengeance

I live on a small farm with lots of animals and lots of homeschooled kids. This morning was a harsh reminder that time management is of utmost importance. We spent time with family and friends this weekend and were on the go from Friday eve til Sunday night. After a quick trip to Nashville for bulk pantry items at Whole Foods and the groceries are brought in.. I immediately go to the barn and do chores, come in and look at the groceries not put away. My daughter makes me a cup of tea and with my bag of lemon snap cookies, I retreat for a TWO hour episode of Downton Abbey. At the close of that--we all go straight to bed: dishes in the sink, groceries not put away, laundry left out but with a fullness of heart that makes me not care too much.
fast forward to this morning-- goats going crazy and one of our Dexter heifers is on the wrong side of the fence!! (dishes, laundry , kids who aren't out with me waiting)
Got her in and realized when I came in that on top of the other daily stuff--I haven't made a menu plan for this week, the lead teacher for art class at our homeschool co-op has the flu and I have to come up with a small lesson to occupy the eager art beavers AND a soap order to have ready for delivery after co-op plus a gallon of milk needing to be made into cheese!

So what do I do while I have a few minutes? Whine on my blog about Monday :D

Friday, February 08, 2013


An accidental breeding of this little mama.. two new billy kids.
Watching the miracle of birth never ceases to excite me. Andrew (pictured here) said, "isn't it amazing how their bones grow and grow inside until they come out?" yes, it truly is.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Blogging-- smart phone style!!

I finally realized "there's an app for that!" (blogger) almost all the photos I take are with my iPhone and there is little time to sit at a laptop. I'm excited to share, sporadically, with my friends here who have expressed to me and my family that they miss me and my little blog. (thank you) Here are a few things I'm currently loving!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yes, it is really me

The Tullahoma News What a sweet interview Kali did and a new friend for ME :) So I think I have been nudged and encouraged to really get back to blogging.. I have missed it and thought maybe a tumblr, photographic blog might work out time-wise. However.. I find it a bit difficult to navigate and NO RULES.. anyway.. so I think I will stay here, in this space for now. How have you all been? I looked back at my blog entries only to realize how I neglected this place and my friends here. I have said I will be back before but this time, the MR. says I have to! (better not disapoint him). I have some wonderful ideas for blog entries and am going to make the best, obedient attempt at once per week posts. We are selling at the locallygrown market and at our local independent farmer's market at Bean's Creek Winery so that is keeping us busy. The honey harvest has been a wonderful blessing and my soap continues to gain a following. Finally, I am doing what I love and loving what I am doing while working on those pesky time management skills that I never wanted to learn. (butterfly brains don't make successful business people.. did you know that? :)). Kindness and love on your day friends, Tracey

Thursday, April 19, 2012

This 8.5 year-old boy

Often, words cannot describe the connection between certain children and their parents. Perhaps it is as simple as personalities that click. Or it could be that there is just something about some children which makes the soul soar and laughter fill the air. This child is that child. He is so lost in space and in his own head most of the time but is so very smart and sharp-witted (with a tongue to match) yet so gentle and loving with a passion for justice and equality. Each of my wonderful children is a gift to me in a certain way but this little man (at the awesome age of 8.5) is really just lighting my world lately. He loves the barnyard and the animals, nature and exploring and always has something funny to share. He works attentively on his school work, til he is sick of it and then he moves on to play. This is the pond that TJ dug, with a shovel, last year.. His canoe is stored in the pasture, for lack of a better place at the moment.. So the boy decides he wants the canoe in the pond and goes for it. Nevermind, there is an unruly bull who lives back there. Doesn't even phase the boy and the bull pays him not much mind. He "had" to show me how he puts the canoe in and paddles around. hahaha. The other brothers also had to get in on this coolness and of COURSE, they tried to get all the billy goats to board the vessel. (billy goats did not find this amusing)
No matter where the animals are hanging out, boy has to be in the middle of them.. Talking to them in their language, feeding them a little something or teasing the animals so they will play with him.
My heart went through the roof the other day when he asked me if I would teach him to milk the cow. He has worked on the goats before. All the children know I LOVE to milk. It is "me" time. haha so to share in the sacred time with one of them, they know it has to be serious. He is serious and wants to be able to do it all by himself.
Ohhhh, that boy. Have a wonderful Thursday bloggy friends. May your day be blessed! Tracey

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A little Spring cleaning?

Do you have a corner like this? Or maybe a whole backyard:). This recycling/trash area has been a thorn to me ever since we moved in 2.5 years ago. With no garage, we have just let this area serve and look as neat as we could get it. WEllllll... I decided that I wanted to make it prettier (cause all farms can be functunal as well as very pretty!)
I bought 3 of these gargage cans with lids for $12 each at Wal-Mart.. need one more Tracey haha.
My plan is this: to line up these bins and label with THESE add potted plants and maybe paint a quote about recycling or garbage or something on the wall. I don't have it finished yet. This is my sad entry to the Little Farm in The Big City's Honestead Helps Wedenesday. Where I am supposed to share something helpful. Since I was late to the game and trying to get back into blogging... I thought I would be an encouragement to someone wiith their Spring cleaning~! I love these blog "parties". such a good way to find new blogs and people to love!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What to say Wednesay

When one has been absent for so very long..where to begin but keep it interesting and concise. How about more pictures than words? I will try that approach..

This has been a whirlwind of a summer and fall. But, one of the most exciting things for our farm was selling  at the Farmer's Market at Bean's Creek Winery in Manchester. We did so much more than sell farmy "stuff". We made friends in the community, turned folks on to "natural" beauty products AND oldest farm child now works full-time at the winery as a "winery rat".. He said that is the official term for someone who does whatever they are told to do.. He likes having a title.

I was featured on Live Green Tennessee, for my soapmaking.. They did a nice 10-minute segment with an interview and demo of making a sea salt bar. The producer told me that they would put the episode up on youtube. They LIED haha. one day maybe and I will share. We did, however, have folks come out to the farm and to the winery after seeing the show! Oh cool is that?!  This is me in the studio we added on in July and I have just now moved everything in (December). SLACKER

Muscadines that we ate so many of.. growing on an arbor in front of the winery.

Duke Brown (and his little boy Zeke on the side of the stage) at the summer concerts (you guessed it.. at the winery).. we spent a lot of time there this summer and into the fall.

Can't get enough if this peace... When we lived in the city.. we could never see so much sky. Same with the night stars, gazing never gets tiresome.

My brother-in-law MADE this for me~!! Being the pizza chef that I am *ahem*, This is black walnut and cherry wood from trees taken out at another friend's property. Isn't it just gorgeous?! I WILL build a cob oven outdoors next year to bake breads and pizzas in!

We added a second laying flock to the farm. 25 ladies who will begin to share their offerings in March.. yes, we played with them and were very careful. We also washed the heck out of these toys when finished :)

Does this count as school? Of course it does!

So after a long blog break and the markets are almost over (yes, we extended into December and I still have special orders to complete)... I will be back to this (filthy.. I see it) laptop, my knitting and having my cat take advantage of my stillness.

There will also be lots of this... My special thrift store dishes (LOVE my ecclectic mix of old/funky and handmade items I find)... coffee and my own herbal blends for tea! C'mon over, we can sit on the porch, drink something warm and have a chat :D